Short Stories
Nervous Pores

Nervous Pores

If I squint just right, I can see everything exploding into the universe. All of the plants, trees…all of the animals; every rainbow, every fuck, every mouse.

All of the pores of her nervous cheek would start to sparkle with sweat as

they danced with the skin of my hand. My fingertips would trace the existence of her curves made from her clavicle bone until they reached the elevations of her breast.

Adrenaline coursing through us; the both of us; head to fucking toe—animals. Humanity is just a tedious title that we ignore at these certain moments. Everything is unnecessary but this; this is the creation and energy of everything.

I would kiss her, and she would return the favor with a tremble. Scared, looking at me with innocence—I could see my own eyes penetrating her eyes penetrating my eyes as I penetrated her. I wanted to touch base with every single responsive nerve cluster in her precious body; awaken every nerve deadened with apathy.

It was too much.

She could not take anymore.

Her grip on my shoulder blades was tight like a rescue victim;

her breath and then her lips and then her teeth against my right muscles and skin, just digging in as she tries to be as professional about this as possible.

Everyone in the world just needs to exhale.

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