The Void Cow: A Tale of Dark Dairy

This story is currently being told entirely through Twitter polls. Think of something similar to a choose your own adventure story but with a couple of differences: 1) it’s not written in second person point-of-view, and 2) there’s no “going back to page whatever and choosing a different path” option. Due to this being Twitter poll-based, the writing isn’t as smooth or edited as my other work. But, I hope you enjoy it all the same!

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Twenty-Six (1/12/2021)

“Savory vibes means it’s working!” The witch claims. “I can visualize the nature of your curse. I see a flock of birds pulling at you like a puppet, voting on how to control you. Let me try blocking their options…Got it! Did that work?”

  • Yes!
  • Yes
  • Yes?
  • Yes!?

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One (9/9/2020)

Captain hates it when I call it this, but a messenger came from the buttcrack trail between the mountains with a message from our sworn enemies. I was told to deliver it to the Queen without reading it. In the light, I can make out the first few words. I can see…

  • Let’s talk peace…
  • Come to my party!
  • Trade wood for clay?
  • Your queendom sucks! (WON)

Two (9/12/2020)

She tosses the sealed envelope back to me. “Sucks to be you.”
“Why’s that, sir?” I ask.
Captain shrugs, “Queen’s going to chop your head off after you deliver something like that to her.” She chuckles, “…your queendom sucks.”
My eyes widen. “But cap, I…”

  • Have a family…somewhere
  • Have a contagious disease
  • Like my head (WON)
  • Have a thing, remember?

Three (9/15/2020)

“But cap, I like my head!”

Her mouth fishhooks, “I could take it or leave it. In fact, I’m going to leave it. I order you to update your will and hand-deliver this letter directly to the queen.”

Looks like I can’t get out of this. Maybe I can make a request, “Can I have…”

  • A fast horse
  • Better equipment
  • Soldiers for protection
  • Money, lots of money (WON)

Four (9/18/2020)

Cap massages her temples, “Let me get this straight. You want a pay raise, per diem, and a bonus?”
I look down. “Yes.”
She chuckles, “Fat chance! Unless…you’re willing to do something for me. A little job, off the books, in the Queen’s capital. No info until you agree.”

  • Sure! I’m sketchy as fuck (WON)
  • Do I have a choice?
  • I respectfully decline
  • No way!

Five (9/19/2020)

“Fantastic! I knew there was a reason I hired you.” Cap hands me a wooden box, parchment, and a cartoonishly large sack of coin. “Deliver this box to that address. Whatever you do, don’t open the box!”

  • Why, what’s in the box? (WON)
  • Okie dokey artichokie!
  • Deliver box. Profit. Easy
  • First, I’ll tell my fam

Six (9/20/2020)

“I know I didn’t just hand you that big ass sack of coin for you to be asking questions,” Cap scorns. I notice an inscription on the box: Money, lots of money. She watches me read it. “Just deliver the damn thing to the resident. Sealed.” “All right then!” I say as I…

  • Leave en route to queen (WON)
  • Open the box en route
  • Open the box at home
  • Immediately open the box

Seven (9/24/2020)

Without delay, I gather supplies for the journey and hop on my trusted steed. I’ll have to write a letter to my family once I get to the capital. She’s not the fastest horse in the land, but a faithful friend nonetheless. Her name is…

  • Daymare (WON)
  • Lady Horse McHorse
  • Gassy Gams
  • Clippity-Cloppity

Eight (9/28/2020)

Daymare and I bask in the sun as we trot along to the capital—providing ourselves some daycare. There’s a four-way split, all roads leading to the city. Real inefficient, if you ask me, but nonetheless I must choose a route.

  • Easyborington Street
  • Mediocre Terrace
  • Mildsauce Road
  • Toughshit Alley (WON)

Nine (10/1/2020)

Daymare whinnies.
“It’s all right, girl. Nothing to be scared of. This way is quickest, we won’t be here long.” I say, stroking her mane.
“That’s right, you won’t.” Someone replies. I halt. Behind the arrow pointed at my face, I see…

You can vote on this right now: @neutrinoburrito

  • My best friend
  • My mother
  • My ex
  • The Captain (WON)

Ten (10/3/2020)

“Little change of plans.” Captain says as hooded figures loosely surround me.
“We’re going to take that letter off your hands. Deliver this one instead.”
Someone hands me a perfect replica of the letter.
“What does it say,” I ask.
Cap relaxes her bow, “It says…”

  • Noneya…
  • Give peace a chance
  • Time for war, suckers!
  • New king, who dis? (WON)

Eleven (10/7/2020)

“We want queeny to visit the new king of the dirtbags to the east,” Cap explains.
“You’re not going to kill me?”
“What? No! I was agreeing with you—this is the quickest route.”
My brow sinks. “…Uruk doesn’t have a new king.”
“Ya-huh! No more questions—off you go.”

  • Mo money mo money mo mone (WON)
  • Why give me this now?
  • Watch me open this box
  • Watch me tear this letter

Twelve (10/9/2020)

Cap shakes her head. “Not happening.”
I grab the box, and read its inscription aloud. “I’ll take some from here then.”
With fear in their blood, the ambushers give me some space. One of the figures pats the air gently and says, “Don’t open that, it’s…”

  • rude!”
  • full of shit!”
  • cursed!”
  • going to get out!” (WON)

Thirteen (10/13/2020)

The air grows dense. We’re silent, but the birds keep chirping.
“Looks like a Flexican Standoff,” I say.
Cap puts a finger up. “Don’t say that. It’s prejudiced.”
She snaps her finger. Someone slings two sacks of coin tied together over Daymare. “That’s all you’re getting.”

  • I smugly saunter off (WON)
  • I confidently trot off
  • I nod and canter off
  • I smile and gallop off

Fourteen (10/17/2020)

As I ride off, someone behind me says, “Smug bastard.”
Buildings and suspicious people replace trees and suspicious birds. I’d better watch my back, the alley is more alley-like now. I should conceal my bountiful haul of cash by…

  • writing ‘not cash’ on ‘em (WON)
  • smiling and waving
  • looking real mean, grr
  • saying cap’s loaded

Fifteen (10/19/2020)

“Why are you writing ‘not cash’ on those coin bags?” A muddy alley girl asks.
“They’re clearly not coin bags, as is evident by the label.”
“You think because we live in an alley that we’re all as stupid as you?” The girl says while drawing a knife.
I must…

  • Ride off, crying (WON)
  • Tell her parents
  • Say, “stop bullying me!”
  • Slashy slashy time mofo

Sixteen (10/23/2020)

“I’m rich, I don’t have to take this from some peasant brat!” I egress, wiping tears away.
The entire Alley mocks me! They’re just jealous because they’re all so poor and ugly. No matter, I’m already gazing upon the grandiose structures of our capital city. It’s time to…

  • spend that moolah!
  • deliver that package! (WON)
  • cower before my queen!
  • write my family!

Seventeen (10/27/2020)

I knock. Moments later, a woman opens the door.
“We already paid our taxes in full,” she says.
“Oh, right. This box inscription and my uniform must make me look like a tax collector.”
What am I about to deliver? I going to…

  • just open the damn box (WON)
  • throw the box and run
  • smile, deliver, strut off
  • tell her the truth

Eighteen (11/06/2020)

A technicolor fog spills out into the house. A hand, wielding a blade that looks just like mine, juts out from the fog and pierces someone else in the house. The fog consolidates into a shape. My shape. This cloud just stole my likeness.
“What have you done,” the woman exclaims.

  • “Nothing! Prove it!”
  • I drop the box and run
  • I attack the fog clone (WON)
  • I call the guards

Nineteen (11/10/2020)

“Have at you!” I say, crossing blades with the vapor. After a fine parry, it extends its smog out and creates five long armed arms. Each appendage fatally wounds the other members of her family but spares us. With a smile and wave, it dissolves. I say…

  • “What the fuck?”
  • “Whoops, wrong house.” (WON)
  • “Can’t win ‘em all.”
  • “Can we start over?”

Twenty (11/16/2020)

“You killed my entire family and you’re telling me you got the wrong house?!” The woman chants something under her breath. Did I just give a witch a reason to hate me? I’m fucked. I’d better…

  • Explain myself
  • Run like the wind
  • Shit myself
  • Stop her w/ tongue twisters

Twenty-One (11/21/2020)

“Go maire do chos istigh rit,” she whispers in an unfamiliar language. I start to feel sick to my stomach.
I respond with, “Tell the teller to take terrible taxes!”
“Go maire do pharóiste teaghlaigh,” she belts.
“Still shouting silly spells! Stop seething sister, since soon…”

  • sad salamanders salivate
  • scary skeletons stand (TIED)
  • serious salads satiate
  • sarcastic squash scorns (TIED)

Twenty-Two (11/27/2020)

Shapes in calcium white and pumpkin orange fade in, ethereal becoming corporeal. Music chimes. Humanoid skeletons dance and candle-lit pumpkin mouths passive-aggressively insult the woman’s appearance. One pumpkin delivers a stunning blow, “Hey lady…

  • witches bathe, you know
  • conjure up a better face (WON)
  • bet the fam’s happier now
  • magically fix those rags

Twenty-Three (12/15/2020)

She paws at her face and whatever magic this lady was trying to cast fizzles out.
“How’d…Now I see—you’re one of Captain Rancid’s boots. She can’t kill me so she sends a witless idiot to kill my family.”
“It’s a vapor. Not many brains in a cloud.”
“I’m talking about you, idiot.”

  • Hey, I resemble that!
  • I didn’t know about foggy (WON)
  • Not dumb, brain good (WON)
  • No you are!

Twenty-Four (12/22/2020)

“I not didn’t dumb know brain about foggy good.”
“Uh, looks like someone’s got a powerful curse on you. This must be Rancid’s work. Wonder what she’s going to make you do.”

  • I’m not cursed!
  • I’m cursed? Help! (WON)
  • As long as I’m rich
  • No you are!

Twenty-Five (12/29/2020)

The witch scratches her chin and says, “As mad as I am at what you’ve done, it’s not your fault. Rancid’s the one to blame for all this. I’ll try and remove her curse but we need to tell Queen Brandy about these possessed void spirits.”
She chants and waves her arms. I feel…

  • Sick; gonna vomit 12.5
  • Salty like a pretzel 62.5 (WON)
  • Guilt I think? Gross! 0
  • like I need to pee 25

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