Now, we’re all. Bored. We don’t. Mind. We don’t

know. Why. Why we don’t know. Why. We don’t know.

No matter, we just shoot. We shoot shit/piss/sperm.

I shoot guns. I’m. Bored. I shoot you. You shoot blood.

I shoot semen in your blood. All that matters is. All

that matters. I matter. You make a face with your

own blood as you watch it release from your capillaries.

Veins do not pay attention to what the arteries are

pantomiming as they flop like dead fish in your body.

A Japanese sunset painted on your face over there.

But. You don’t mind. You’re bored. Now you have something

to do. I’ve given you something. Something to do. I have

single-bulletly cured you. you draw a smiley face in the

red with your pointer finger. your smiling finger. you’re

smiling; I’m smiling; your blood is smiling; all three of

us—a fucking party now. Anthropomorphized human

oil, greet us. you die a happy patron of the arts. Giving

Life to the lifeless right before you become less:

Absence of living. now I’m fucking bored again.


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