Concerning my Twitter suspension

Concerning my Twitter suspension

Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried sending multiple, daily appeals. I’ve received no word from Twitter. They send me a canned response that they’re connecting my new appeals to the old case that they’ve already denied. I even tried making a new main Twitter account and it was banned within days. I’ve decided to move away from Twitter as my main platform. You can find me on Patreon and Facebook.

Hi everyone,

As many of you folks know, I’ve been suspended from Twitter. This happened last Thursday night (Feb 4th) as a result of a joke I made. Seconds after I tweeted it, my account was suspended. I shortly thereafter filed for an appeal. Twice. I believe my suspension was automatically triggered by Twitter language filter bots and not the result of any human action aside from my own.

I just want to show everyone what went down when I was suspended. I’m happy to chat with anyone about this and if this joke hurt anyone, I’m truly sorry. It was not directed at anyone but that’s no excuse. If you were hurt by this joke and you’re willing to let me know, please do. I’ll do what I can to make it right.

Without further ado, here’s an image of the thread that got me suspended. Note that I’m protecting the identity of the others involved AND I had to piece this together from multiple screenshots as my reply tweets only appear in my Twitter account…they’re cut from the original thread right now. All that being said, it might look a little wonky.

After I sent that last tweet, I was quickly suspended.

Now, the joke I told used crude language and if anyone was hurt by that, I’m sorry. I was attempting to mock folks who just tweet stupid questions on Twitter like “writers, do you drink coffee?” just to get likes and retweets and not actually connect with people. I got REALLY into the joke. I was trying to joke about it being a hostage situation with a ransom of sorts. It was definitely vulgar, but it wasn’t an actual threat. It wasn’t directed at anyone in that thread—or anyone at all.

After I sent my appeals, I got canned responses back from Twitter on how they’re reviewing the appeal and they’ll reach back out to me. That was Thursday night (Feb 4th) and the time of me posting this statement is Saturday (Feb 6th). I’m hoping they’ll work through my appeal soon and I won’t have to make another account.

I’ll keep everyone posted as I receive new information. I also want to invite anyone who was hurt by this joke to let me know and I’ll do my best to make it up to you. You can email me or message my alternate account @TheVoidCow on Twitter.

Shaine (@neutrinoburrito)

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