Honest Changes

Honest Changes

Scientists are going to get together at a party, and

get drunk, and decide that they are going to get the

whole time travel bit down; I mean, really get it all


So they get it all down to a

perfect scientific science.

Then they want to go back in

time, and glue fake beards on

George Washington when he is


You know—dye Abe’s hair

honestly pink.

Tickle the Mona Lisa’s mona lisa.

Hell, tickle da Vinci for that matter.

This will raise a demand for novelty items

that can withstand the washy waters of

space-time  distortion.

I will be the

maker of such


While you’re all in the gutter with six or

seven or so children.  Oh no, another

mouth to feed.

I’ll be rich; I’ll be timeless.

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