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Eleven Stories. Zero Hope. Announcing The Aether scifi stories on Kindle this Summer.

Eleven Stories. Zero Hope. Announcing The Aether scifi stories on Kindle this Summer.

This Summer, I’ll be releasing a collection of scifi stories. The collection is named The Aether after my favorite story in the collection. Here’s an excerpt; keep in mind that this is a work in progress and subject to editing:

Ethan sits up in a cross-legged position—the best position for telling a good story. Ethan and Marjorie, both Children of Eleven, go through these motions every day after receiving their midday food from The Metal Chef. They run around together and play until they get to The Great Tree to relax. Then Ethan tells this story. 

“OK, are you ready?” Ethan asks while picking up a stray twig.

Marjorie mimics his sitting position and nods. Their eyes share a twinkle.

“Before you and I were born, The Creators constructed this world. Every detail, down to each blade of grass, was toiled over and painstakingly crafted. The Creators were kind and wise. They made this place such that it provides us with everything we would ever need or want. That we should want for nothing. That you and I, and the rest of the children, should never worry. Here in this world, we are safe and content. We are happy and healthy. We are nourished, body and mind. And we are free. We can do whatever we want, whenever we want, as long as we follow the simple rules set forth by The Creators.”

Excerpt from The Aether by Shaine Greenwood

This is the largest collection of stories I’ve published to date. Eleven total. Each story ranging anywhere from 1K to 15K words.

This collection will be available on Kindle this Summer (working out a specific date) for $5.99 USD. Patrons at the $5 level or higher will receive a complimentary ebook copy of The Aether. If you’re not a patron yet, please think about becoming one! Your support keeps this site up and keeps me writing.

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