Read and vote on The Void Cow (Episode 31)

“What kind of asinine question is that?” Rancid spits. “This isn’t some episodic ‘choose your own adventure’ style fantasy comedy fairy tale—this is real life. I gather that you might have a different reality, as you’re a collective sentient embodiment of pure magical energy licensed and bonded to my world by me, but I think you get the general idea.

“There is no good or bad here in my realm. There are only sides; sides carved out of our differences in political philosophy. My philosophy and that of my compatriots is that we should be treated equally as human beings. Queen Brandy thinks that it’s fine to use witchcraft and Void Milk to turn her subjects into monstrous killing machines ‘for the good of the Queendom’ or whatever.” Rancid takes a deep breath.

“Do you get it now?” She asks.


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