Read and vote on The Void Cow (Episode 32)

“No, dammit!” Captain Rancid screams into the starlight ether. “Queen Brandy is the baddy! She’s the one who employed that witch you just helped me dispose of to wrangle a fourth-dimensional bovine so she could use its milk to turn our regular soldiers into impervious super-soldiers. This was all in the contract.”

Rancid stares at a fixed point in our realm for a moment. “You did…read the terms of our curse contract, did you not?” She asks through gritted teeth.

She finds her answer in our silence.

“Great. Just great.” She starts. “I was told that the little magical blue birds were the best curse creatures to form a bond with. That you’re professionals. That if I give you a task, even a simple one—like possessing this moron foot soldier to have them kill the witch and then the Queen—that you’d do it easy-peasy. No questions asked. You’d just tweet into their dumb brain and they’d go do it.” Her motions disturb the fog of our dimension.


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