Shape the outcome of The Void Cow (Episode 33)

We fly in circles around Captain Rancid and chant, “Our realm doesn’t like your bad vibes.”

“What are you doing?” Rancid asks.

“You’re kind of an asshole so we’ve collectively decided to break our contract,” we say in unison before going back to reciting our chant.

Our spell to cast her out is starting to work. Rancid spins around. It’s as if she’s being washed down an interdimensional drain. She fights against it, chanting some lame spell under her breath. It works, for a time. But we’ve got the home-court advantage. She spins faster.

Rancid chastises us while in her spin cycle, “You can’t just break a contract! There are rules! There are consequences!”

The Captain continues complaining as she sinks through the floor of our realm, “This isn’t the last of this! I’ll escalate this to the Council of Planekeepers! And the Council of Oaths! Your realm will be locked down and so devoid of magic you’ll be begging to reinstate our contract! But—“

Before she can finish, she disappears. Good riddance. Despite our contract being broken, we’re still connected to that doofus from her realm. What should us tweeting little bluebirds do about that?


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