June Updates from Author Shaine Greenwood

June Updates from Author Shaine Greenwood

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Hi Weirdos,

It’s been a while. The reason for that is that for the past six months, I’ve been fighting with my insurance company on an extensive repair to my damaged home. So I’ve been drifting from temporary rental homes for the past six months while arguing with adjusters to give me money for repairs. Anyway, here’s what’s going on over here in Shaineville.

I was interviewed on a podcast

Jaime Cruz was nice enough to have me on his podcast again. I was his first return guest. (Neat!) We discuss my approach to my visual art and get into a talk about religion while closing down on the podcast with some poetry chat. Give it a listen: Arts Calling Podcast #37

My latest poetry collection will be out on Aug 31st

Fires Under the Great Neural Sky is a collection of 75 existentialist poems. These poems are centered around life, death, and everything in-between. I don’t do the whole “tease the cover” deal that other writers do, so here’s the cover in all its glory.

The cover depicts a neuron with my stippling technique
The cover depicts a neuron with my stippling technique

The ebook, paperback, and audiobook will be released on August 31st. I don’t yet have a preorder for this collection up, but look for that soon.

A 2nd edition of The Aether is coming next year

I have a plan to split The Aether: A Scifi Collection into two books. One book will consist of The Aether novella as a standalone piece. The other book will consist of the other ten short stories in the collection. I’m at the early stages of these 2nd editions, but I plan on releasing these with audiobook versions as well. I’ll have more information on them later this year.

I’m working on a sequel to The Aether

I’m still in the outlining stage of this sequel, but I’m excited to expand the world of The Aether. More on this next year!

That’s all for now. I’m trying to get back into a monthly cadence for updates, so expect more from me in July! Until next time…

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