July Updates from Author Shaine Greenwood

July Updates from Author Shaine Greenwood

Hello My Fellow Odds and Ends,

To my fellow Northern Hemisphere earthlings: Happy Summer! To my friends in the Southern Hemisphere: Happy [insert your current season here]!

Here are my latest writerly developments…

Preorder new poetry, out Aug 31

I’m thrilled to announce that the ebook for my upcoming poetry collection, Fires Under the Great Neural Sky, is now available for preorder! This collection has been in the works for a few years and I feel a wave of euphoria wash over me every day it gets closer to completion.
It’ll be out on August 31. I can only make the ebook available for preorder, but expect an audiobook, paperback, and possibly a hardcover option to be available on the 31st as well.
I’d like to share one of the poems in this 75-poem collection, titled Tones.


The beads of consciousness fall
Inching us closer to the beyond
A dimension between the cracks
Making the material seem banal
Severing the great physical bond
The only beauty this plane lacks
Is the tone of your alluring wrawl
You call to me through fog of war
Piercing the thickness of the night
Pulling me out of my higher mind
And slamming me down to the floor
Rules made only for you to overwrite
You wish to make laws for your kind
Performative human hope to restore
But when the battle dust has settled
Will we be swallowed by machines
Processed and tamed for efficiency
Or perhaps be wild and imperiled
Bruised but not bound by routines
Reframing a perceived deficiency
Embracing a life of the disheveled

Here are the preorder links for the collection:
• AmazonApple Books, Barnes and Noble, and others

I’m submitting my work everywhere

I have a few poems and short stories that I’m submitting to various literary magazines and contests. There’s no link or concrete thing I can show you as a result of this yet, but I’ll keep everyone informed if something comes out of my submission grinding.

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