March ’23 writing updates

March ’23 writing updates

Hello, Buds and Blooms;

Happy belated vernal equinox and happy Spring…I’m working on some short stories, as always, and thinking of overall distribution options for my self-published works…

Self-publishing with draft2digital

I’m soon to move over completely to a service called draft2digital, which handles self-publishing ebooks, physical books, and audiobooks to many services. I was holding out on moving my amazon account over, as the service didn’t offer physical book publishing options until recently.

Since they updated their service to accommodate physical books, I’m jumping all in!

What this means is that Fires Under the Great Neural Sky will be temporarily unavailable on Amazon until I hook up the plumbing from the new service.

The Aether will soon be out of print

I’m also taking this migration opportunity to pull The Aether & Other Scifi Stories off of Amazon, and therefore off the market entirely.

Fret not! I’ll be releasing a second edition of The Aether and a separate second edition of the other stories in the collection through draft2digital in 2024. These books will also have an audiobook option.

April is poetry month!

Next month, I’ll be selling the ebook & physical book of Fires Under the Great Neural Sky at a discount! The ebook will be $3 USD, down from $6; the physical book will be $6 USD (plus shipping), down from $10.

I can’t control the price of the audiobook, so that remains at around the $5 USD range on Apple, Audible, and other retailers.

About my author site…

This digital space where you’re currently reading my newsletter has gone through many changes over the years. As of about October of last year, I’ve also focused on writing short stories to enter to magazines, anthologies, and other writing contests. For good reason, these publications typically don’t want a story that has already been published, even on my personal website.

I’m thinking of ways to strike a balance between posting stories here and offering stories up to publishers. I don’t have my head wrapped around a full plan yet, but I’m thinking of trying to release one story on my site a month to prevent a content drought. I don’t like having to adhere to a specific schedule or deadline, so I’m on the fence about such a commitment. I’ll let everyone know what I decide once I’ve figured it out.

I’m also planning on changing this site’s URL to something more fitting of an author site. I haven’t yet decided on what new web address to use, but no worries, will redirect to it!

Reimagining goals & other tidbits

This year, I’ve decided to focus solely on writing short stories to sell to publications. That means my aggressive plan to release the 2nd editions of The Aether & Other Short Stories will be pushed out to 2024. The sequel to The Aether will also be 2024. I also have ideas for more poetry collections, which will be pushed out to 2025.

I’ve been working hard on my other career passion: Board game design. On May 29th, I’ll be releasing my debut board game! I’m so excited. But that also means that I’ve had to move around my writing projects, as there are only so many hours in the day.

I’m still focused on writing and have quite a few short stories that I hope will get picked up soon.

That’s all for now, see y’all next month!

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