Eleven Stories. Zero Hope. Announcing The Aether scifi stories on Kindle this Summer.

This Summer, I’ll be releasing a collection of scifi stories. The collection is named The Aether after my favorite story in the collection. Here’s an excerpt; keep in mind that this is a work in progress and subject to editing: Ethan sits up in a cross-legged position—the best position for telling a good story. Ethan and Marjorie, both Children of […]

April is poetry month!

Patrons have early access to multiple poetry readings of new poems in April!In fact, I have readings scheduled for patrons through June. Non-patrons will be able to listen to these readings 30 days after they’re published. You can become a patron for as low as $1 USD a month ($12 a year).


Warning: This poem contains purposefully heavy-handed depictions of violence and depravity. Please read with caution.

A poem about coming to terms with one’s own selfishness and overconsumption.