When the world’s oceans evaporate When the night’s last star goes dark When our matter is in a messy state When the shape of death grows stark When there’s nothing left on our plate When humanity has erased its mark Is when we’ve finally exhausted our hate


You’ve intercepted me Analyzed my trajectory Sized up my nutrients Absorbed me to nucleus Like a black hole devours A black hole Eat the souls of sunflowers And leave coal Leave coal Leave coal


Technicolor gods make vicious footsteps in red, blue, and green. Lowly mortals wrapped in white reps watch on the television screen. Their eyes obsessed with diodes colors to project on the white. Mortals blinded to true cathodes hidden underneath the light. Undying captains of industry march their idols to the skies. Shit is piling upward toward infinity for humans to […]

Ending Nerve

For one to embark on an expedition, To find one’s own ending nerve; Which is marked as a feeble attempt. For one to create their own perdition, To caress their evil’s curve; Which leads perversions to be exempt. One seeks to stand at the lip of the endless drop into oblivion. Stare down into the abscess of one’s own pallid […]