Antarctica’s ice dwindles. This is not an environmental disaster, This is the earth breathing in, And when it breathes out, It’ll blow us all out of existence. This is the Anthropocene. The earth will survive. We will not.


You’ve intercepted me Analyzed my trajectory Sized up my nutrients Absorbed me to nucleus Like a black hole devours A black hole Eat the souls of sunflowers And leave coal Leave coal Leave coal

Journey’s end

I am but a traveler But a destination I do not seek A point I do not reach For when I finally find my journey’s end It’ll be upon the shores Of the underworld’s beach


The difference between lust and love Is divided by a line To understand where you are In relation to another Stand on that line and look down it See how it twists and turns Walk along that line like a tightrope See how it loops back in on itself Most importantly, find out where That line disappears Can you make […]


To stand in a queue Waiting in line to die Bloodletting to cure Myself of the putrid Disease of existence


Technicolor gods make vicious footsteps in red, blue, and green. Lowly mortals wrapped in white reps watch on the television screen. Their eyes obsessed with diodes colors to project on the white. Mortals blinded to true cathodes hidden underneath the light. Undying captains of industry march their idols to the skies. Shit is piling upward toward infinity for humans to […]


When we get older, We have more complications in our lives That brings more stress. We seek to relieve that stress With distractions. Numbness of the mind. Once our senses are sufficiently dulled, We believe that we’ve beaten Our stress But we’ve merely buried it. Erosion will expose it again. And again. Necromancy will reanimate The corpse of our stress. […]


When the sun is kind enough To shine upon your day Stand in that light Don’t let it go to waste Don’t make the sunlight for naught You deserve the glow The warmth of its rays

Lip crack storm

My lips crack In the cold In the rain In the storm that you’ve made For you For me Bu there is a silver lining At least we’re the only casualties