Technicolor gods make vicious footsteps in red, blue, and green. Lowly mortals wrapped in white reps watch on the television screen. Their eyes obsessed with diodes colors to project on the white. Mortals blinded to true cathodes hidden underneath the light. Undying captains of industry march their idols to the skies. Shit is piling upward toward infinity for humans to […]


When we get older, We have more complications in our lives That brings more stress. We seek to relieve that stress With distractions. Numbness of the mind. Once our senses are sufficiently dulled, We believe that we’ve beaten Our stress But we’ve merely buried it. Erosion will expose it again. And again. Necromancy will reanimate The corpse of our stress. […]


When the sun is kind enough To shine upon your day Stand in that light Don’t let it go to waste Don’t make the sunlight for naught You deserve the glow The warmth of its rays

Lip crack storm

My lips crack In the cold In the rain In the storm that you’ve made For you For me Bu there is a silver lining At least we’re the only casualties

Ending Nerve

For one to embark on an expedition, To find one’s own ending nerve; Which is marked as a feeble attempt. For one to create their own perdition, To caress their evil’s curve; Which leads perversions to be exempt. One seeks to stand at the lip of the endless drop into oblivion. Stare down into the abscess of one’s own pallid […]

April is poetry month!

And as such, I’ve got a treat for my patrons. On April 15th, I’ll release recordings of as many poems as I have patrons. These recordings will be for patrons only for a time and then I’ll release them to the public later. You can help me out and spread the word about my Patreon! The more patrons I have […]


Warning: This poem contains purposefully heavy-handed depictions of violence and depravity. Please read with caution.

A poem about coming to terms with one’s own selfishness and overconsumption.