Ending Nerve

For one to embark on an expedition, To find one’s own ending nerve; Which is marked as a feeble attempt. For one to create their own perdition, To caress their evil’s curve; Which leads perversions to be exempt. One seeks to stand at the lip of the endless drop into oblivion. Stare down into the abscess of one’s own pallid […]

April is poetry month!

And as such, I’ve got a treat for my patrons. On April 15th, I’ll release recordings of as many poems as I have patrons. These recordings will be for patrons only for a time and then I’ll release them to the public later. You can help me out and spread the word about my Patreon! The more patrons I have […]


Warning: This poem contains purposefully heavy-handed depictions of violence and depravity. Please read with caution.

A poem about coming to terms with one’s own selfishness and overconsumption.