The Void Cow: Condensed Narrative Milk

Here’s a version of The Void Cow: A Tale of Dark Dairy (a story told entirely through Twitter polls) that looks more like an actual narrative. Anything in bold was chosen by the court of Twitter opinion through a weekly poll. Follow @TheVoidCow on Twitter to be a part of the story! Captain hates it when I call it this, […]


Warning: This poem contains purposefully heavy-handed depictions of violence and depravity. Please read with caution.

A poem about coming to terms with one’s own selfishness and overconsumption.

The Void Cow: A Tale of Dark Dairy

This story is currently being told entirely through Twitter polls. Think of something similar to a choose your own adventure story but with a couple of differences: 1) it’s not written in second person point-of-view, and 2) there’s no “going back to page whatever and choosing a different path” option. Due to this being poll-based, the writing isn’t as smooth […]