August Updates from Author Shaine Greenwood

Hi there, Bits and Bobs; It’s August and over here in the States, it’s hot as hades. To beat the heat, I’m wrapping up my upcoming book of poetry, Fires Under the Great Neural Sky, just in time for its August 31st release. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been pouring my blood, sweat, and tears into lately… “Fires…” is […]

July Updates from Author Shaine Greenwood

Hello My Fellow Odds and Ends, To my fellow Northern Hemisphere earthlings: Happy Summer! To my friends in the Southern Hemisphere: Happy [insert your current season here]! Here are my latest writerly developments… Preorder new poetry, out Aug 31 I’m thrilled to announce that the ebook for my upcoming poetry collection, Fires Under the Great Neural Sky, is now available […]


Why is it that we’re scared To do something stupid For fear of retribution But we always wish We’d done all of Those stupid Things we Were so Afraid Of


When the world’s oceans evaporate When the night’s last star goes dark When our matter is in a messy state When the shape of death grows stark When there’s nothing left on our plate When humanity has erased its mark Is when we’ve finally exhausted our hate